For a one off solution or fix please see our services section.
Maintenance Services
Alternatively you may want to choose one of the following options:
Option 1
Single service for 1 computer - £65.00
2 services per year for 1 computer - £125.00
More services are available per year - please ask.
Option 2
Single service for 2-5 computers - £130.00 - £325.00
2 services per year for 2-5 computers - £250.00 - £625.00
More services are available per year - please ask.
Option 3
Single service for 6-10 computers - £390.00 - £650.00
2 services per year for 6-10 computers - £750.00 - £1250.00
More services are available per year - please ask.
Option 4
Single service for 11-15 computers - £715.00 - £975.00
2 services per year for 11-15 computers - £1375.00 - £1875.00
More services are available per year - please ask.
 Option 5
Single service for 16-20 computers - £1040.00 - £1300.00
2 services per year for 16-20 computers - £2000.00 - £2500.00
More services are available per year - please ask.
If you have more computers than listed above please contact us for a price.
(Please note that maintenance does not cover the cost of additional equipment that is needed for a new purchase or for repair of existing equipment.)

Payment Options:

You can pay either Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.

There is a 30 day's notice policy for cancellation of all support packages.

All contracts are for a 12 month period

All prices include:

  • VAT.
  • Labour.
  • No call-out fee.
  • Free diagnosis.
  • 90 day guarantee on hardware repairs.
  • Valeting – cleaning computers inside and out.
Benefits of having a Maintenance Service
  • Keeps your systems running smoothly and helps prevent computer problems before they happen, giving you peace of mind.
  • Regular onsite check-ups from experienced IT professionals, which keep the lines of communication open, allowing you to progress your IT solutions more effectively and keep problems at a minimum.
  • Minimises downtime that leads to lost productivity.
  • Predictable IT budget, which eliminates surprise costs.
  • If a computer receives proper and regular maintenance, it can add years to its lifetime.

A typical list of tasks to be carried out during the scheduled maintenance visit includes the following:

  • Apply any service packs or critical security updates that need to be installed to help ward off potential hackers.
  • Verify that your Anti-virus is up to date, functioning correctly and to view virus activity logs.
  • Purge Temporary Internet Files and Windows Temp Files which can slow down your computer and fill up hard drive space.
  • Scan and Remove any Viruses, Adware and Spyware.
  • Verify that backups are working correctly by restoring a file.
  • Check the health of hard disk drives, the capacity and the amount of usage.
  • Address any other specific issues that do not warrant a specific visit.
  • Add any programs that are needed but are not installed, uninstall programs that are no longer used and prevent un-needed programs from auto-starting when the computer starts which makes it run faster.
  • Valeting – Clean computers inside and out, maximising units’ life by reducing build-up of dust & dirt, which can cause failure due to overheating.
A customised task list will be created to suit your business, to ensure the key areas are being addressed during each visit.
We understand that you and your employee’s time is valuable. We will work around your schedule when performing these services and much of our work can be done after office hours, in evenings and weekends.